Return to the senses/h2>

Carolina Sanjinés
Ejti Stih
Horacio Montes
Juan Bustillos
Luigi Cominetti
Marvin Montes
Oscar Soza
Raquel Schwartz
Romanet Zárate
Wara Cardozo

March 2012
Public: 20.800 visitors

Thanks to the sponsorship of FUNDECYD (Development Foundation for Culture and Dialogue) and the Embassy of Denmark, Manzana 1 Art Gallery, presents for the entire month of March, the exhibition “Return to the Senses”, dedicated to non-seers and visionaries who want to experience the world of the blind. This exhibition is held for the first time in Bolivia.

Visitors who come together in Manzana 1, are delighted after his experience with the blind guides, who are giving prominence to this exhibition, sharing their experiences and learning.

Walking along the sidewalk of Santa Cruz is a challenge that must be addressed every day, both sighted and the blind. The aim of the exhibition it’s also ensure that authorities and general public aware of not littering, display signs for protection when arrangements are made on the sidewalks, no park vehicles on the sidewalk and avoid many other things that hinder us step.
Photographs and a brief history of famous people who are blind who have excelled in different disciplines or arts, are embodied in a video along with parts of daily life for the guides and blind people who lives in Santa Cruz.
Horacio Montes, Rachel Schwartz, Wara Cardozo, Javier Badani, Luigi Cominetti, Carolina Sanjines , Ejti Stih, Juan Bustillos, Marvin Montes, Oscar Soza, Romanet Zarate, are the artists who helped make this exhibition a reality.
It is open to the public upon registration, a ceramics course, taught by Josiane Perillat.