Sculpture Park

The Paseo del Bosque Certificado, a boulevard dedicated to certified exploitation of forests, is located in Canal Isuto and the external Third Ring.
It opened on September 2009 to raise awareness among the people of Santa Cruz regarding the use of forests and the importance of FSC certification.
The main attraction of Paseo del Bosque Certificado, is its Sculpture Park, two exhibit pavilions joined by a bridge and built specifically to house the monumental sculptures that were created during the different editions of the International Sculptors’ symposium in Certified FSC Wood organized on a yearly basis by Manzana Uno Espacio de Arte.
Currently, this boulevard is the largest pavilion for exhibiting wood sculpture in Bolivia and has 23 works created by renown national and international artists from five continents.
The Paseo del Bosque Certificado was created by the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, WWF and the Bolivian Chamber for Forests, when the city of Santa Cruz was named the World Capital of Native Tropical Forest Certification in the year 2006.