I International Sculptors’ Symposiun, 2006

Chalo Tulián (ARGENTINA), JuanBustillos (BOLIVIA), León Saavedra(BOLIVIA), Carolina Sanjinés (BOLIVIA), Claribel Catoira (BOLIVIA), GustavoBeckelmann (PARAGUAY), AldoShiroma (PERÚ), Karen Macher (PERÚ)

Octubre, 2006

The International Sculptors’ Symposium was carried out within the frame of the One Tree Bolivia project organized by WWF.

In 1994, two British sculptors, Garry Olson and Peter Toaig, came up with the idea of respecting a tree as a whole unit and of perpetuating its parts as works of art after its compulsory death.

It had a great impact and similar projects were organized in different parts of the world. In Bolivia, we used a CarinianaEstrellensis tree (yesqueronegro), found in the country’s Chiquitania region.
Even though 62 designers, artisans and artists participated in the One Tree Bolivia project, they were not able to use up all the wood.
Finally, the eight sculptors invited for the I Symposium to work live at Manzana Uno Square were able to use the remaining wood by turning it into works of art.