MACROINSECTS, Expanded Reality by Jorge von Bergen

By definition, macro and super macro photography is the technique applied to enlarge the photographed objects in such a way that the viewer can see details normally hidden from sight. It photographs small objects or tiny details of large objects.

Jorge von Bergen is attracted to challenges and, with much effort and patience, he has put together his exhibit MACROINSECTS, in which he transports the spectator into what seems to be a parallel world, that which is hidden to us in our daily lives. He manages to make a simple insect from his garden look like a monster out of fiction yet also a beautiful creature from nature.

MACROINSECTS reveals a surprising reality, one of which we know nothing: a world that is colorful, unimaginable and, thus, magical.

To execute his photos with macro lenses, he had to rely on the proper camera and lenses, a stable table with rails to allow the central camera to move, image processing software and many accessories to prepare each scene.

The first thing he had to do was collect the insects. Then, he had to prepare them, removing dust or pollen or even washing them using microwave – based instruments required when shooting such tiny creatures.

He worked hard to obtain the proper depth of field and calibrate over 100 samples of each insects in order to get the proper photos for this collection. He photographed over 80 insects out of which he selected the 22 photographs of MACROINSECTS.



La Paz, November 1946

He studied at the Lette Verein Institute of Photography in Berlin, Germany. He also studied mechanics and also learned to build and regulate printing machines. Upon graduating, Jorge von Bergen went into the family business and returned to Bolivia to work at La Papelera. Thus, the world of printing became the ideal venue to develop his talent as a photographer.

Many of his customers needed images for printed matter aimed at marketing campaigns, so Jorge von Bergen also offered them this service. This led him to install a photography studio where he pursued his passion. He did photography for publicity, modeling, gastronomy, architecture, tourism and art.

He moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra 25 years ago and built a large studio in his house. He has an impressive collection of all of his cameras, a 35mm Nikon, a Hasselblad just like the one the astronauts took to the moon, the first digital camera to arrive to Bolivia, a Leica. He also has a Minox, the smallest one in the world, among many others. He used all of them. He always uses the latest models, as well as all sorts of lenses, filters, lights, tripods and films. He also collects specialized magazines and books to keep himself updated with the latest technology related to photography.

He acknowledges that the process of taking a photograph in his large studio can take much more time than one imagines. He prepares every minute detail required to use large format slides that ensure high quality and fidelity.

Jorge von Bergen is convinced one needs to combine technique with intuition each time he takes a shot. His constant process of experimentation and innovation led him to explore macrophotography.

Jorge von Bergen enjoys this moment of his professional live always assisted by his friend and right hand man, Pablo Poma. Even though he has much experience in the field and is an outstanding photographer, this is his first show. This opportunity to interact with the public thrills him.

MACROINSECTS adds images, experiences and adventures to his vast work of over 50 years.