Let’s Play Art 2009

Mika Ebata, Marisela Murcia, Oscar Barbery, Roberto Valcárcel, Ejti Stih, Alfredo Román, Romanet Zárate, Raquel Schwartz

December 2009
Public: 22.792 visitors

The project known as Let’s Play Art proposes an entertaining alternative that brings children closer to art, so they may interact and not be intimidated by the art pieces and spaces in exhibit.

Artists are invited to create works and transform the gallery’s halls to make children the main actors in the exhibit.

Raquel Schwartz’s work was a space entirely covered in pink fabric fur which also had a swing.

Roberto Valcarcel proposed a short story contest inspired in three works of art.

Alfredo Roman installed two walls where children could play with magnets and create their own images.

Romanet Zarate created a space with painted paper maché that hanged from the ceiling.

The Spanish photographer Maricela Murcia built a huge dark room where children could learn about the magic of light.

The Japanese sculptor Mika Ebata presented small didactic wood sculptures.

Ejti Stih hanged mobiles to represent our nation in its great diversity, the new Plurimulti Bolivia.

Oscar Barbery executed interventions using drawings and tracing on photographs.