Alfredo Müller

November 2008
Publico: 14.014 visitors

Müller’s portraits play with a sense of imperfect realism, At first glance, everything seems to be in place, however, the work’s details, darkest corners and volumes exhibit some disproportionate elements that are in no way casual: it is through these seeming flaws that the author exposes his characters, their basic and fundamental identities, with a language that is no longer pictoricalpictorial, but rather a perception based on sensibility.

The series named “Monica” is made up by 22 works; each one reproduces one single model in different postures and poses.

The works attempt to establish a dialogue between forms and content: The forms are created through their lighting.

The content transcends what is immediately visible, questioning what is moral and what is ethical, the notions of right and wrong and certain possibilities of what is forbidden and what is allowed.