Puppets from Bolivia and the world make up the

sample Let’s play art 2018 of Manzana 1

More than 200 characters give life to the exhibition Let’s play art 2018 this year dedicated to the magical world of puppets.

The show is for the general public of Manzana 1, the one that among its 15,400 average monthly viewers, has children and young people waiting for recreation to enjoy the holiday at the end of the year.

It is a surprising and unprecedented exhibition for the family because the fantasy is in everyone, even adults who can recover fragments of their childhood and remember, perhaps, some puppet show, finger puppets or shadow that captivated their imagination in other times.

Let’s play art 2018 is also dedicated to professionals and students of the theater as a motivation to see in the puppets a potential of their work specialty.

The puppets, noble as they are and protagonists of multiple and as many stories as their managers and interlocutors want, do not ask for anything. They only add their charm.


Finally, Let’s play art 2018 is completed with the painting collection Brisas del bosque, by Cecilia Salvatierra, which includes the series In Search of Magic, A Day of Adventures and Beyond the Forest “. A child, a turtle and a fox are the characters that, between the intense green of the forest, add fantasy to keep dreaming

Let’s play art 2018 will remain open until Sunday, February 3.


Irina Sabatier, France; Alenka Vogelnik and Spela Cadez, Slovenia; Museum of Lübeck, Germany. From Bolivia: Mutant Healthy Art, Hummingbird Theater, Erick Fajardo, Malena Orias, Mondacca Theater, Ejti Stih, Elwaky, Taller del Barrio, Teatro Compa, Puppets for hand, Trapitos and buttons and the production unit of the National Theater School (2006-2010). As guest artists: Carolina Sanjinés, Juan José Serrano, Magenta Murillo, María Lis Moro, María Zanutti, Miguel Ángel Burgoa, Roxana Hartmann and Romanet Zarate.


At the same time, the public space that occupies Manzana 1, Arte in the square, gathers reproductions of the pictorial work of Juan José Serrano and Miguel Ángel Burgoa, which coincide in children’s themes full of fantasy. It also presents doll scenes for animation worked by Claudia Gallardo, Claudia Pérez and Paula Mansilla, to graph a collection of Santillana school texts. They used Alasitas stationery, furniture and toys.