Oruro – city, party and market

Olivia Coutand

September 2013
Public: 9.982 visitors

City, party and market is shown as a reflection about the urban activity in Oruro. On one side, in the city of Oruro extraordinary and mass urban situation occur. The one with the greatest impact is Oruro’s carnival. At the same time, weekly markets are enormous, since the merchandise imported
from China arrives in this city and it is distributed all around the country. The informality of the city has a troublesome and untidy face, but also a spontaneous way of operating and of great citizen participation. The events in the city of Oruro, the party and the market are represented in the exhibit with blue prints and drawings of the 5 most representative sectors. The audiovisual portrait is also part of the proposal providing a motion view of this situation of very high impact on the public space.
Los eventos de la ciudad de Oruro, la fiesta y el mercado, se representan en la exposición con planos y dibujos de los 5 sectores más representativos.
El retrato audiovisual también forma parte de la propuesta, dando una mirada en movimiento de esta situación de altísimo impacto en el espacio público.