Our Photojournalism 2010

Beto Justiniano, Carlos Hugo Vaca, Clovis de la Jaille, David Mercado, Fernando Cartagena, Jorge Gutiérrez, Hernán Virgo, Javier Badani, Javier Mamani, Juan Carlos Torrejón, Pedro Laguna, Regis Montero, Ricardo Montero, Rodolfo Goitia, Selwin Paniagua

September 2010
Public: 13.122 visitors

Our Photojournalism is an exhibit that reflects who we are, our joys and sorrows, our floods and droughts, our barriers and demonstrations, our injustice and victories.

The evidence of our reality is written and recorded in the images created by 16 photojournalists from Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba, masters of their craft who on a daily basis write and witness our history through a photo camera.

“Among these thousands of images, many deserve to be published in a catalogue or book instead of being discarded as old newspapers used only to clean windows and see our surroundings but not ourselves.

This inner vision is triggered when we see the images of these photographers: The inner vision that activates our conscience, a conscience that questions and doubts,keeping us from blindly believing everything we are told.” Ejti Stih