Men – Seven Artists, Seven Gazes

Galo Coca, Oscar Barbery, Rodrigo Bellot, Bluebox, Julio Gonzáles, Alfredo Müller, Roberto Valcárcel

July 2010
Public: 5.563 visitors

MEN – seven artists, seven gazes – was conceived as an exhibit that avoidsclichés and familiar formulas. The works confronts us with new aesthetic, artistic and erotic possibilities – some tender, others disturbing, yet all of them thought-provoking – surrounding man as seen through the eyes of man.

MEN – seven artists, seven gazes – was intended to make the public reevaluate the male body as aesthetic object and to sensitize the spectator while simultaneously questioning our ideas and emotions on the subject. In the words of Julio Cortazar, it aimed to “soften jagged edges”.

MEN – seven artists, seven gazes – also attempted to incite thought, new perceptions and cognitions surrounding the construction and stereotipification of masculinity. By enriching our perception and understanding of the masculine the exhibit was intended to activate our sensibility and emotional intelligence instead of our pre-existing or prejudiced opinions.

Roberto Valcárcel