Illustration of children’s books

Ricardo Aguirre, Miguel Burgoa, Marcial Michel, Lara Sabatier, Claudia Gallardo, Juan José Serrano, Claudia Pérez, Isabel Blacutt, Jorge Dávalos, Daniela Durán, Romanet Zárate

April 2010
Public: 12.169 visitors

According to the dictionary, to illustrate means to civilize, teach, illuminate, instruct, clarify, explain, etc.

These definitions prove that “to illustrate” implies improvement and progress.

With this in mind, how can some art specialists call illustration a minor art form? It is commonly thought that illustration is reduced to texts written for children, a strange misconception, since children undoubtedly exceed adults in imagination.

This exhibit’s purpose was to revalue the profession of illustrators, artists who illuminate books. The talent and imagination of the ten artists who participated in the art show, mostly young people, greatly enrich texts and, in many cases, improve them.