Desenvolver, envolver, volver, ver

Sandra De Berduccy

August 2010
Public: 10.507 visitors

The exhibit proposed a journey composed of visual, tactile and audio experiences related with the polysemic potential contained by a simple line.

A displacement, strangeness and discovery that establish a dialogue with our surroundings, the show proposed a collection of Site-Specific art works conceived around the inherent dynamic forces contained within the word DESENVOLVER, a Spanish infinitive verb meaning “unwrap or develop”, which in turn contains other words pertaining to action – ENVOLVER– to wrap or surround –,VOLVER– to return–, and VER– to see.

All these verbs provided the central concept articulating the exhibit’s different spaces.

Each work in the exhibit relates to the intrinsic memory contained in the materials, technical textile processes of Andean cultures and also expands upon global issues such as migration, dependence upon technology and waste, among others, materialized through contemporary languages like installation art, photography, art objects, video-art and performance art.