The color of earth II

Ángel Blanco, Adolfo Navia, Benito Huarachi, Daío Antezana, Eusebio Choque, Enrique Valda, Gerardo Zurita, Humberto Erquicia, Jaime Calisaya, René Subelza, Sixto Sandoval, Vladimir Cruz, William Añez, Zenón Sansuste

January 2009
Public: 9.586 visitors

This second version of a pictorial exhibit based on fundamental colors and forms from a platform that is common to us all: The earth.

Provider of life, cultural support, folk poetry, our modern concerns and an endless array of possible meanings to represent this element that contains so many others.

Fourteen Bolivian artists from Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, Potosi, Oruro, Sucre and Tarija, paid homage to the Earth based on their different perceptions and experiences.