Our Photojournalism 2009

May 2009
Public: 19.599 visitors

Well aware of the contemplative potential of images and of the importance of promoting a critical consciousness to further our country’s social and political knowledge of our country, Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte expanded the renowned exhibit Our Photojournalism to offer a diverse range of exhibits as well as a number of workshops and discussion forums that allowed the public to ponder the journalistic image.

This year, the Our Photojournalism festival was made up of the following exhibits:

1. Our Photojournalism 2009: An exhibit of the work created by 13 local photojournalists during the past year.

2. Occupational Hazards. Photographs portraying the abuses suffered by the press.

3. Our Photojournalism Pioneers. Homage to Elvio Montero and Walter Pacheco, pioneers of photojournalism in Santa Cruz.

4. Labyrinth of Gazes: Frictions and Conflicts in Iberoamerica, curated by Claudi Carreras, an exhibit gathering the documentary work of 36 Iberoamerican photographers. A guest exhibit carried out thanks to the support of AECID.