The carnivals

February 2008
Public: 6.789 visitors

Once again, Manzana 1 organized its exhibit dedicated to Carnival, as it did the previous year. This year’s version of the exhibit intended to explore the different cultural contents projected by the Grand Party of the Bolivian people.

On this edition of the event, the theme of Carnival focused on the diversity displayed throughout the country in one single celebration; thus, by exploring its different popular manifestations through large format photography and typical costumes from four regions in Bolivia, the exhibit attempted to help create a perspective that would allow to erase political and regional schisms regarding our identity.

Photographs by Jorge Gutierrez, Willy Kenning, Ricardo Montero, Javier Palza, Tony Suarez, Max Toranzos and Andres Unterladstaetter complemented the exhibit together with a display of costumes and accessories worn in the carnivals celebrated in Santa Cruz, Oruro, La Paz and Tarabuco.