Subjective photography. The German contribution

June 2008
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The tradition of this artistic current originated, on one hand, from the new photography introduced, in the decade of 1920, by the pioneers of experimental photography (Bauhaus photography), which the Nazis discredited and banned as ‘degenerate art’.

On the other, from a reorientation of photography towards its most expressive and creative possibilities.

The quest for the subjective image is not an objective representation of reality, but rather it’s pictorial representation of a personal interpretation through the lens of subjective imaginaries.

The exhibit of the German Institute for Foreign Affairs (InstitutfürAuslandsbeziehungene.V. – ifa), curated by J.A. Schmooll (”Eisenwerth”) displayed 165 original photographs representing the German contribution to what is known as ‘subjective photography’, an international movement that existed between the years 1948 and 1963.

The Subjective Photography was on display at Manzana 1 thanks to Goethe Institut.