Emiliano y Ramiro Luján

September 2008
Public: 13.607 visitors

For the anniversary of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Manzana 1 paid homage to the sculptor who created one of the greatest urban and cultural landmarks of the city: El Cristo redentor (The Christ of Redemption).

Emiliano Lujan is one of the most significant Bolivian sculptors of the XX century and his monumental works are located in the most important public spaces in manycities throughout Bolivia.

Ramiro Lujan, son of the iconic sculptor, inherited the craft from his father; thus, the exhibit also included some of his work, which is based on innovative techniques and materials.

The exposition was possible thanks to the trust of the Emiliano Lujan’s family.

“An event which exhibits, for the first time, the entire body of work of these artists in our city; thus, Manzana Uno helps to promote the merit and value of important national artists who use their craft to create a Bolivian identity with no divisions”. Manzana 1