Our Photojournalism 2008

Amanecer Tedesqui, Beto Justiniano, Carlos Hugo Vaca, Clovis de la Jaille, Fuad Landívar, Hilario Muñoz, Juan Carlos Torrejón, Javier López, Jorge Gutiérrez, Max Toranzos, Rolando Villegas, Regis Montero, Ricardo Montero, Ruly Justiniano, Raúl Arteaga
Segunda versión de esta muestra que ha tenido grandes repercusiones en el público

April 2008
Public: 17.639 visitors

This was the second version of an art show that has become very popular among the public.

Once again, Manzana 1 invited photojournalists from the local press to embark upon this visual journey throughout the most important events that took place during the year.

Shapes and contents synthesized in images that were the most precise representations of political, social and cultural events of a troubled Bolivia.

The exposition included a photographic report by Ricardo Montero about the events in Sucre in November 2007.

“In the very instant in which an emotion or a fact become a photograph, it is no longer a fact, it becomes an opinion. There is no imprecision in a photograph. All photographs are precise. None of them is the truth”. Richard Avedon