Between remembrance and the present

Agugust 2008
Public: 5.577 visitors

Manzana 1, together with the National Museum of Art from La Paz, presented a selection of important works displaying Bolivia’s artistic development dating from the decade of 1950 until the end of the 20th century.

The purpose of the exhibit was to establish a common ground based on art. The permanent collection of the museum was exhibited in Santa Cruz de la Sierra for the first time, and the works were grouped under topical and chronological criteria (social, figurative and abstract artists; national topics, critiques and post modernpostmodern visions).

“The focus of this exhibit is to convey how artists, such as Enrique Arnal, Ines Cordova, Keiko Gonzales, Gill Imana, Alfredo La Placa, Cecilia Lampo, Raul Lara, Sol Mateo, Fernando Montes, Maria Luisa Pacheco, HerminioPedraza, Ricardo Perez Alcala, Lorgio Vaca, Gaston Ugalde y Roberto Valcarcel, left their mark on 20th Century Bolivian painting”. National Art Museum