Herminio Pedraza


December 2013
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Herminio Pedraza was born November 15, 1935 and died in 2006. He had his first artistic studies at the school of fine Arts “Victor F. Serrano”, Santa Cruz, between 1959 and 1969, with professor Jorge Rózsa. He participated in more than 20 individual and group exhibitions in Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States. He received several prizes in the Municipal Hall Santa Cruz, Gold Medal to the most outstanding artist from Santa Cruz, 1972, God Medal for this contribution to Bolivian art by the Municipal City Hall in Santa Cruz, 1992, Medla to Cultural Merit by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, 2005. He was a professor of painting and drawing at the Workshop of Visual Arts and in several schools in Santa Cruz. He painted in his workshop in Santa Cruz and in La Guardia.