The Bolivian comic book in the last decades

Javier Olivares, Al-Azar, Alejandro Archondo, Avril Folomeno, Alexandra Ramírez, Álvaro Ruilova, Edwin Álvarez, Damián Moreno, Frank Arbelo, Joaquín Cuevas, Juan Avilés, Karen Gil, Marco Guzmán, Marcelo Fabián, Pablo Cildoz, Susana Villegas, Yawar, Tito’s

August 2009
Public: 12.185 visitors

For a very long time, comic books were considered a minor art form.

However, nowadays the idea of narrating a story through a sequence of images, with or without text, has created true works of art appreciated by young people as well as adults.

In recent years, the production and appeal of comic books in Bolivia has expanded and has grown significantly stronger.

The exhibit The Bolivian Comic Book in the Last Decades, organized by the “Viñetas con Altura” collective, gathers a selection of works that contributed to the Bolivian comic book production, by proposing comic books from and on Bolivia.

The exhibit of the work of Spanish artist Javier Olivares – presented by AECID- displayed illustrations, comic strips and graphic novels.

Conferences and workshops on comic books were also organized.