Juan Bustillos, Valia Carvalho, Ejti Stih

Jorge Padilla

September 2005
Public: 3.867 visitors

Manzana 1 opened its doors for the first time with a collective exhibit displaying the works of its founders.

Juan Bustillos, a renowned sculptor , presented works crafted in diverse materials, the most outstanding of which was a cow over three meters high, made entirely out of discarded iron; it was on display on the Manzana Uno Square.

Valia Carvalho, displayed paintings and drawings in different formats, exploring representations of the feminine through her works.

Ejti Stih, a prominent international painter, presented a series of life-sized sculptures representing different characters that populate her bidimensional works.

The first exhibit and opening event of Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte also included works by the artist Jorge Padilla.