Tubes – Collective Exhibit

Alfredo Román, Carlos Mendoza, Carolina Gómez, Claribel Catoira, Claudio Arduz, Daniela Durán, Fabiola Gómez, Guido Bravo, Laura Martínez, Leticia García, Luigi Cominetti, Luly Gutiérrez, Magenta Murillo, Marcela Polischer, Mariana Lazo, Mariel Kuncar, Marina Suárez, Mirtha Cwirko, Natalia González, Roberto Unterladstaetter, Viviane Salinas, Viviana Capriles, Universidad Católica Boliviana

December 2005
Public: 5.041 visitors

In an attempt to imbue disposable items with new meanings, Manzana 1 invited 23 national artists who work in different fields to perform interventions on cardboard tubes donated by MADEPA Paper Company.

This resulted in an interactive exhibit where the art space was invaded with colors and cylindrical shapes, a proposal of new ways of expression based on recycled material.

By transforming discarded material into imaginative objects, the event was a good way of mending some of the damage caused to the environment by corporations.